About the Show

The Whale Shark Tale & the Story of

Nia & Anwar

In the time of the Great Voyage, and the entire island of Minta prepares to send off their bravest voyagers to face the perils of the sea. Young Nia dreams of joining them, but her father Indri, the greatest of the voyagers, reminds her that her place is at the top of the mountain, guarding the Cape of Stars left there by the sun goddess Rahna to lead their boats home.

Distracted from her duties, Nia unwittingly leaves the Cape of Stars unprotected, allowing the trickster god Daawe to steal it. Now, Nia and her fellow warrior  Anwar must find a way to retrieve the Cape before Daawe uses it to overthrow Rahna and take her place as ruler of night and day.

As this musical saga unfolds, Nia faces her greatest fears, forges new bonds of friendship and love, and ultimately discovers that her true strength comes from family, duty, and the unwavering hope that burns in her heart.

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